Web site almost done!

We are adding the finishing touches, wrapping up, porting over content from the old site.


After several system changes we finally decided on one, and here is our new website!

As a group of hobby artists and developers we want to make games that are both fun to make and fun to play.

Our hope is that one day, we will be able to all make the games we love as a day job.

We will never let the industry taint our games, and like most players hate the idea of DRM, Freemeum, and the sacrifice of game-play for revenue.

According to the art team, our vision is "To let people know who we are and sell our games and shit."

We are hard at working making an account system that will allow you to not have to make a new account if you have any one of our supported platforms.

Working hard so you can rest and play

COPYRIGHT 2013 AdaptivElite LC All rights reserved.
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