Pro Janitor Police

Currently in closed beta.


Grab your plungers and ready your mops, because the Pro Janitor Police are here. When a viral outbreak in Lowman High School explodes out of control and starts to take over the city and everything in it's wake, there is only one team of equipped to handle the mess, and stop the virus once and for all.

Take control of the Pro Janitor Police, as you battle your way through 10 levels of side-scrolling, platforming, arcade style action and insanity using bleach bombs, lethal plungers, dual wielding water cannons, and of course, your trusty mop.

Hordes of viral baddies and bosses stand in your way as you travel from a decimated school to the city streets, a zoo full of mutated animals, and the top of a skyscraper for a final confrontation with the replicating bacterial monstrosity known as "E-267, A.K.A Ogly".


2D Action Platform


  • PC


  • Keyboard
  • Gamepad


  • Play as any member of the Pro Janitor Police to take on the threat. Choose from Mitch the leader, Daryl the powerhouse, or April the assassin and utilize each of their strengths and attacks!
  • Collect powerups and find hidden areas to gain new abilities!
  • Take on strange and mutated creatures and bosses in a bizarre world and classic cartoon art style!
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