Our Web Development services are led by industry professionals with years of experience adapting with web technologies. If you are looking for simple brochure websites with basic functionality to get your point across, or full-blown solutions for demanding web applications, we have you covered.

Here at AdaptivElite, we recognize that tight schedules and deadlines must be met and adhered to so that your company can have a piece of mind.

The No BS Version of who we are.

Let's cut the crap. You are looking for a no-nonsense development team that speaks your language and delivers on time. Well guess what? We are no-nonsense developers that understand Layman and speak your language. I mean, if your language is English. We know some Spanish and some Japanese, too, but we aren't totally fluent in those yet.

Communicating goals and... everything else.

As much as possible, we avoid long, drawn-out techno-babble that would give any normal person a full-blown aneurysm, and communicate to you in a way that most humans would understand. Things like, "you see, your server isn't connecting across the data pipeline and corrupted packets are flooding your BSD drive. Several connections are also transmitting zero's at bytespace 20, which is causing 404 on your main and sub-page domains" are no more. Imagine hearing "So your server is acting like a school bus with a missing back tire right now. We need to replace the tire so it can get from point A to point B correctly, or else all the data kids inside aren't going to get to where they are going." The case in point is that we believe as developers that we should keep the techno-babble among ourselves and the human talk with you, our clients, so you can understand what is going on and not feel like your lost in silicon valley.

Ain't nobody got time fo'... Oh wait, yes we do.

Imagine being at a meeting, that crucial 3:00pm appointment that is going to define your business to the big investor with his fat wallets sitting across the table. I mean, you want to make an impression, right? You want to show them that your business solution is going to propel your company to the next level, and stand above the rest. But alas, the developers you have working on your web solution have dropped the pot, and spilled the spaghetti everywhere. They were supposed to have your solution uploaded last night, and low and behold, they committed their changes at 2:55. You haven't had a chance to proof anything, or test for that matter, and whatever stress-induced ulcer you thought you fixed has returned in full-force. Three minutes into the presentation, your site crashes...

Or, imagine that you came across our company, AdaptivElite, a team of friendly, experienced goof-balls who can clean up pretty and make your day complete with one less ulcer. And they not only had your solution committed the night before, but actually the day before that, because they recognize that your success is their success. And because of that, they strive to make sure that your solution is not only working, but bug-free and efficient. And pretty. And whatever you need it to be. Because Thursday is your big day, and the crunch doesn't scare us. So 3:00pm rolls around, and you are rest assured that when the demo hits the projection screen, it works the way you planned without any hiccups.

Let's put it this way; time is money, and money well spent is time well spent. We want you to know that your time is just as valuable as ours. That's why we want to make sure that you have as much time as possible doing the things that are important and relevant to your business and goals, and not working on some new stress-related sickness because some knuckleheads aren't going to have your web solution ready when they said it was going to be ready. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.

Our Passion, Our Vision, Our Goals...

I'm going to step away from the silly euphemisms for a moment and speak three words that I find hold great value in one's life and goals. Wisdom. Passion. Dream.

One day, when I was on vacation many moons ago, I stumbled into one of those weird shops in the tourist hole of Old Town Sacramento. It was that type of shop that have all the weird rocks and incense and touristy spiritual stuff. As I perused the claustrophobic isles for some random gifts for the lady friend, I stumbled across a container of rocks with words on them. With all sorts of random inspirational words. I thought to myself, "cool, these will make some good gifts," and I shoved my hand in and grabbed the first three I could properly get a hold of. As I pulled out the stones and looked at them, there were the words; wisdom, passion, and dream. To be honest, I didn't think much of it at first. We finished at the shop and continued on our day trip.

When I returned to my friend's house after the day was over, I pulled out those stones again. I looked over them, I fidgeted with them, I put them down, and realized they sort of fit together in a weird way. And something clicked in me. A little voice, or a feeling, intuition, what have you, but that nagging thought from your subconscious saying, "follow these words, because they hold greater meaning together."

A passionate man can accomplish many things, while a wise man has the experience, knowledge, and good judgment of accomplishing those things. And in the middle, the dream. It is driving force, the thing you want the most. In a way, it ties the two together; having wisdom about your dream gives you insight about the steps you need to take to get there, while being passionate about your dream takes you to your destination.

I want nothing more than to run the business I've always wanted, making games and engaging others that love games. Similarly, I love technology, building and creating it. I love the idea of making applications and web sites that reflect the person or business they are portraying, and making it their own. And the people I share my journey with have that same passion, that same wisdom, and that same dream.

But I digress. We also have fun doing it, and believe that we can still be serious while having fun. That's why I'm not trying to take this whole About Us too seriously, even though I just dropped some serious stuff in those last couple of Paragraphs.

Web Applications and Systems Development

Somewhere along my interesting path of developing AdaptivElite and its brand, I've come across a few awesome people that have become close business partners and amazing friends. And guess what? They are infinitely awesome at their trade! Primarily because their trade started off in developing web applications and systems. From setting up multi-site satellite content management system to developing a custom training web service for an oil mining company, our brainiacs have the 411 on what it takes to do some net magic that still has me saying "what?" And trust me, I know a thing or two.

Mobile Development

Humans have a tendency to want to make things smaller and more compact. So, around fifteen years ago, somebody had a genius idea to cram a computer into a phone. Because why not have a few extra doodads like calculators and the rare game that people can do when they aren't talking to people? Flash forward to now, where everybody is glued to their personal smart devices. Well, we thought it would be a good idea to find that special line of talent that knows these devices inside and out. Want to put all of your social sites into one program that tweets, posts, and tumbles your latest blurb to your twenty thousand followers? We can make an app for that. Need to access your company's mainframe to download some important documents to show to a potential business partner? We can make an app for that. Heck, do you have an idea for the next big MMO hit that's going to make you millions of dollars (and us a pretty penny too)? We can make an app for that.

Software, App, and Game Development

Yet, still at its heart, is the core of every mobile app and web app. And that's software. You know, for your desktop PC or Mac. We have backgrounds because at its heart, these are the roots of Mobile and Web. Without a loop executing in memory somewhere, software and applications and games would cease to exist. This is where we started, and this is where we have our experience. And this is what we can make if you so need it. If you need to calculate the vectors of a curved piece of glass for optical cutting or if you want to explore dungeons while fighting dragons, our skill set can make this. That is why our name is what it is; we are adaptive to the new technologies flooding the market, and we are the best of the best, the elite. (Not those other elite, who control 90% of America's wealth, or whatever ridiculous number it is.)

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