Custom Web & App Development

Over 25 Years of Combined Development Experience

It's time to make your web presence known in a world driven by technology and the internet. In this fast-moving climate, your enterprise cannot afford to suffer from outdated technology and decades-old software. With companies rolling out mobile-supported sites and innovative apps every day, the last thing you want is for your business to drop behind simply because your app kept crashing on someone's smart phone.

We offer the following solutions for your growing business:

  • Application Development
  • Software De-Bugging
  • Software Development
  • Layout Design
  • Website Development

Want to learn what our company can do for you? Browse our portfolio to discover work we have done in the past, or read about AdaptiveElite's beginning roots.

Our Vision for Your Legacy

Here at AdaptivElite, we strive for excellence and complete customer satisfaction. We spend a great amount of time getting to know both the share holders and stake holders in your business, making sure that we can create code that is efficient, and effective; Making sure it suits your specific needs. However, our vision goes beyond the code, it's about a legacy.

We strive to create software for you that is exactly what you envisioned, and exactly what you need. Your business can outlive its competition due to our unique ability to embody your vision and satisfy your requirements, creating a lasting legacy.

Helping Your Company Succeed

Our team always keeps expectations realistic, offering you a solid product that will promote your company in the way you want it to. We also make sure you stay up to date on the progress of your project. Our team of experienced developers and project managers are skilled at finding out just what the project needs to be, while other companies will draw their knowlage from a long drawn out design document. For us, working with everyone that hold a stake in the project is a requiment.

We are here to deliver you a cost-effective solution that suit your needs. AdaptivElite can troubleshoot surprise glitches, build fully-functional applications and deliver quality software solutions that are within your budget and your time-frame.

Don't wait any longer to give your business the tools it needs to grow­– contact us today at (248) 231-7660 to discuss your particular needs.

Home Brew Game Development

Original Game Concepts and Ideas

Everybody has an original idea, and we aren't lacking on those! But let's face it; a game is 10% idea, and 90% execution. And here at AdaptivElite, we are executing on the amazing ideas that our gifted individuals are bringing to life.

Modual Core in Every Byte

We build every game with mods in mind, and are commited to creating a thriving community for players and authors. A place where you as an author can change any part of the core of our games, not excluding the graphics pipeline, scripts, networking, or user interface.

We built the core of our engine with adaptiablity in mind, we started with a core and then added mods to display graphics, hear sounds, connect to servers, and load files. Everything outside the core is a mod built by us.

Custom Game Engine and Server Architecture

With the idea of being highly flexable we want to remeber the roots of games, and always allow LAN(for the parties). Each game is connected to a local service that is used for both multiplayer and single player. We want to make sure every part of the experance is shared and compleate.

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