AERO Engine

AERO Engine

The AERO engine is a cross-platform game/application engine. At it's core it is highly plugin based, allowing for a quick start in applications built with it that require a mod community.

Open Source Core

We plan on making the core of the engine open source, and we are currently working on a distrobution platform for plugins, mods, and scripts. This will allow anyone to make, sell, use, and distribute plugins made for the AERO engine. This also will feed the community of moders that want to do amazing things with our games and products.

AdaptivElite AERO Exec

The exec is made of two primary libraries that make sure AERO is both cross platform and able to register with an application. The following is a discription of the libraries required to run the AERO engine bare bones.

  • Elite Core - This the absolute core of the engine and is what is extened from to create an application with the AERO engine.
  • Adaptive Platform - This insures cross platform compatablity and there is a different Adaptive Platform library for each platform to deal with platform compatablity of other components.

AdaptivElite AERO components

The core by itself doesn't offer much other then a platform to add components, extentions, and plugins. Here is a list of components that are part of what we consider the core of the engine.

  • Adapative Networking - With networking be part of the systems core it allows applications to be ready from the start to deal with many interconnected users.
  • Adaptive Update - In order for applications to stay up to date with the new features and patches of the engine itself a component that helps is included in the core.
  • Adaptive Compiler - This allows the engine to be optimized though object caches, non-reflection object loading, and also allows scripting to be in .Net.

AdaptivElite AERO extentions

The way the engine interactions with the applications that are created for it are part of what we call the AERO extentions. File systems, Graphics, Sound, Input, and Scene/Level systems are all part of well seperated extentions. The following is a list of each extention we consider to be part of our contibution to see the engine have a healthy starting point.

  • Adaptive Assets
  • Adaptive Base
  • Adaptive Math
  • Elite 2d
  • Elite 3d
  • Elite Graphics
  • Elite Input
  • Elite Sound

Major System Details

Entity System

Atlas System

Broadcast System

File System

Augmentation System

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